I love Scottsdale Arizona!


I love living in Scottsdale AZ so much! True, it can get a little hot in the summer, but hey, that is what the pool is for!

Watch this video I found:

The video is a great representation of the life you can live here in Scottsdale. I think I have been to every place in the video! Great food, amazing shopping, beautiful scenery, nice people and terrific weather for 75% of the year. Are you jealous yet? Ok, I will stop teasing… for now.

Welcome to Woo Arizona!


Hi! I am Angela Humour and I am excited to talk about great topics in this newsgroup. Things such as thoughts on the lovely state of Arizona, real estate, and how to grow a business — a subject that comes up often after I talk with medium and little companies. They have found the traditional tried and true ways of connecting with clients less functional and efficient as they once were.

People are interested in the numerous new societal tools accessible [e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, websites…], but maybe are not certain how to carry on with them and handle social media advertising. In several cases, they aren’t even convinced their website and its content are functioning as well as they should for the company. Does this seem familiar to you?

Opinions are moderated by me and will hastily discarded if they are disrespectful, offensive or petty. Please do not bother commenting to market or to advertise yourself.

Thanks for seeing, reading and being part of Woo Arizona!

Until we meet again, take a look at this video for some inspiration!

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